Erythematous pemphigus in dog without defined breed: case report


  • Fatima Abou Ghaouche de Moraes
  • Carla Fredrichsen Moya
  • Larissa Schmanski
  • Samir Abou Ghaouche de Moraes
  • Carlos Eduardo Abou Ghaouche de Moraes



autoimmune, glucocorticoids, Lupus, immunosuppressant


Pemphigus Erythematosus is an autoimmune disease without a cure. It has a predisposition to the Collies and Sharpeis breeds, regardless of age and gender. Clinical signs range from nasal plane depigmentation to erosions and ulcerations. Its diagnosis is made by a combination of the clinical signs shown by the animal, as well as by laboratory examinations. Therapy of the disease is done by the use of immunosuppressive and immunomodulatory medications. The prognosis of the disease is considered good if the disease is adequately controlled. The present report aimed to describe a case of Pemphigus Erythematosus in dog that was attended in the veterinary school clinic of UNICENTRO, in order to clarify the way of diagnosis and treatment of this disease.


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de Moraes, F. A. G., Moya, C. F., Schmanski, L., de Moraes, S. A. G., & de Moraes, C. E. A. G. (2024). Erythematous pemphigus in dog without defined breed: case report. Brazilian Journal of Development, 10(2), e67224.



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