Reproductive performance of non-ablated Penaeus vannamei females in a Brazilian commercial hatchery/ Desempenho reprodutivo de fêmeas não abladas de Penaeus vannamei em uma larvicultura comercial brasileira


  • Thiago Bastos Bezerra de Menezes Brazilian Journals Publicações de Periódicos, São José dos Pinhais, Paraná
  • Igor Gabriel Rodrigues Ferreira Gomes
  • Hudson Makson Rocha Lucena
  • Kamar Porto do Nascimento Filho
  • Ana Luzia Assunção Cláudio de Araújo
  • Gabriel de Mesquita Facundo
  • Rommel Rocha de Sousa
  • Elenise Gonçalves de Oliveira
  • JoséRenato de Oliveira César
  • Francisco Hiran Farias Costa



Penaeus, Ablation, Reproduction.


In Brazil, Penaeus vannamei breeding is performed in specialized hatcheries.  In the reproduction phase of larviculture, most of the time, it is used broodstock that undergo a maturation induction by eyestalk ablation. However, the use of this technique may present different disadvantages, as other physiological and metabolic processes are also affected by the removal of the eyestalk. This study aimed to perform a comparative analysis between ablation and non-ablation effects on the reproductive process of P. vannamei females. It was observed that the NAF showed higher values (p<0.05) for mating frequency (16.5 ± 4.7 days), spawning frequency (17.8 ± 4.8 days), number of eggs/female (297,208 ± 24,827), number of nauplii/female (210,625 ± 21,681). On the other hand, the AF group presented higher values for mortality rate (39.1 ± 0.3%) and daily mating rate (11.7 ± 2.8%). Spawning rate (92.7 ± 5.3%) and hatch rate (70.8 ± 2.7%) were not affected by non-ablation. This study has shown that the use of NAF results in a superior reproductive performance when compared to the AF performance, and that the use of NAF does not compromise the zootechnical performance in the larval stage.


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