Homeopathic treatment of perianal fistula in a dog - Case Report / Tratamento homeopático da fístula perianal num cão - Relato de caso


  • Ana Catarina Viana Valle Brazilian Journals Publicações de Periódicos, São José dos Pinhais, Paraná
  • Aloisio Cunha de Carvalho




Complementary treatment, homeopathy, perianal fistula


Perineal fistulas are frequently diagnosed in dogs in clinical practice. They are characterized by an inflammatory lesion in the perianal region or adjacent tissues, causing pain and discomfort to patients. In many cases, fistulas can be ulcerated. In general, corticosteroids and immunosuppressants are the treatment of choice for perianal fistulas. However, they cause various side effects. Surgical intervention is also an option, but sequelae may occur, such as fecal incontinence, the most frequent of them. From this perspective, it is evident that conventional treatments do not provide the complete restoration of the patients' health. On the other hand, homeopathic treatments are gaining space in the veterinary clinical routine with successful results for various diseases that affect animals. This study aimed to report the case of a German Spitz male dog diagnosed with perianal fistula exclusively treated by homeopathy. The prescription of medicines was based on the law of similars, and the medicines Arnica montana, Belladonna, Hamamellis virginiana, and Nitric acidum were chosen. The therapeutic protocol established restored the affected tissues' function with a complete resolution of the disease in 15 days. No complications were recorded.


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