Formulation development of an herbal hand sanitizer containing Moringa olifera silver nanoparticles / Desenvolvimento da formulação de um higienizador de mãos à base de ervas contendo nanopartículas de prata Moringa olifera


  • Oyeniyi Y.J Brazilian Journals Publicações de Periódicos, São José dos Pinhais, Paraná
  • Mumuni A.M



antimicrobial activity, green synthesis. Hand sanitizing and Moringa olifera ?


Background: The antimicrobial activity of Moringa olifera methanol leaf extract had been reported but with no effort to develop the extract into useful pharmaceutical products that is clinically relevant Objectives: This study aimed to develop an alcohol base herbal hand sanitizer containing synthesized Moringa silver nanoparticles as the active ingredient for use in personal hygiene and for combating the spread of outbreak of communicable diseases Methods: 10 mL of  Moringa leaf extract (MLE), obtained by macerating the dried leaves with methanol was reacted with (40,30,20 and 10 mL) of 1mM silver nitrate solution to produced batches of Moringa silver nanoparticles (MSN). The morphology of MSN was obtained using a scanning electron microscope, while the particle sizes, polydispersity index and the zeta potential were obtained using a ZS-90 Zetasizer with dynamic and electrophoretic light scattering capabilities. MSN antimicrobial action was evaluated by agar diffusion method sequence to formulation of the herbal hand sanitizers, which were the evaluated for their effectiveness to reduce the microbial population. Results and Discussion: The color changes indicating the formation of MSN were within 10 minutes, all other MSN parameters significantly varied from batch to batch,(p ? 0.05) indicating the need of process optimization. The MSN were moderately dispersed, negatively charged and stable with PDI and ZP values ranging, 0.11-0.39 and 22- 33 mV respectively. FA and FB with yields above 50 % and mean particle sizes of about 30 and 38 nm were selected for production scale up and formulation studies. The percentage microbial death for FA1 and FB1 were 100 % showing an improvement above the standard of 99.9 % microbial death. Conclusion: Alcohol base herbal hand sanitizers were successful formulated with synthesized MSN which demonstrated an improvement above the industrial standard with ability to eradicate microbial load by 100 %. These novel herbal hand sanitizers could be readily deployed to combat the spread of communicable disease outbreak like the current covid-19 pandemic.


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