Dietary restriction inhibits bone formation in alveolar bone modeling and remodelling


  • Juan Abel Garat
  • Silvia Romano
  • Ana Aybar Odstrcil



dietary restriction-bone, remodeling-histomorphometry


Objective: Methods: Balb/C mice weaned at the age of 21 days were assigned to one of the following groups: control group fed a regular hard diet ad libitum (food consumption was measured daily), and dietary restricted group (DR) received 75% of the amount of food consumed by the respective control mice the previous day.  Body weight of all animals was recorded throughout. Mice were euthanized in groups of ten at 25 and 60 days of experience. Mandibles were dissected, descalcified in EDTA and embedded in paraffin. Buccolingual sections of the mesial root of the first lower molar were stained with hematoxylin-eosin and submitted to histomorphometric studies.  Results: At 25 days, DR mice shows bone formation values lower than control animals for modeling and remodeling sides, coupled to an increase with bone at rest values in the modeling side. At 60 days, DR mice shows bone formation values lower than control animals in the modeling side linked with a similar increase in values corresponding to bone resorption and bone at rest. In the remodeling side, no differences in bone formation were observed between control and DR mice. However, high bone resorption and a decrease in bone at rest areas were observed. Conclusions: Dietery restriction impaires bone formation in physiologic alveolar bone modeling and remodeling.


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